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Studio A

Artists make some of the most exciting and real music when they play together. Studio A is the largest studio at More Sound. With great acoustics, full isolation between rooms, and a world class control room, we can capture dynamic, spacious tones on every instrument. We have a live room that can be configured for a more open, "live" sound, or a more controlled "dead" sound. Adjacent to the live room is a reverb chamber which can be easily recorded to produce huge drum sounds.

A mid-sized iso booth with a large window, and 3 small iso booths surround the live room. Each musician has his/her own 16 channel digital mixer for headphones, contributing to an enjoyable tracking experience. This studio has extensive wiring options for instrument, speaker, and MIDI routing between rooms and an array of instruments available to you at no extra cost (see gear page for details).

The control room - the heart of the studio - features a 56-input Amek Recall analog console, a Genelec 1037C 3-way speaker pair flush-mounted into the front wall for huge, clear low end, a pair of industry-standard Yamaha NS10 nearfields, and a mono Avontone speaker for checking compatibility on limited bandwidth systems. The AD/DA conversion is accomplished with a pair of SSL AlphaLinks, enabling us to record 40 channels of 96k audio at once.

The room has been acoustically tuned for very even, clear playback at all volume levels using an array of tuned bass traps. You will hear every nuance of the music. A couch that seats 7 provides a comfortable place for you and your friends to hang while the magic happens.

Studio B

Studio B

Studio B's control room features a 16 channel Soundcraft analog console, a Genelec 1037c 3-way speaker pair in midfield position, a pair of Yamaha HS80M nearfields, and a mono Avontone speaker. RME FireFace UCX 8-channel converter provides AD/DA. A spacious environment, plenty of natural light, and unusually clear monitoring have made this studio a favorite with many of our regulars. Adjacent to the control room is a comfortable vocal booth with large window.


Guest Apartment

Make yourself at home! Our two-bath, four-bedroom client apartment sleeps at least six, and is free for your use while we work on your project. With its kitchen, large dining room, and balcony porch, there is space to chill/party/eat to your heart's content. And of course, excellent french-press coffee and tea are always on the house.



More Sound is located in between downtown and the historic Hawley-Green neighborhood. Armory Square is the center of night life in CNY and there are many excellent restaurants and bars within easy walking distance.